This project was by no means an easy task. Four years in research, it traces Columbia’s chronological release of the 78 rpm albums sets released between the late 1920's and early 1950's for the X series.

Columbia's X Series featured 2, 78rpm records in an album consisting of classical music mostly; although later in the series; this was extended to light classical, song, folk, jazz and some Broadway theatre based music.

The series consisted of 355 album sets (of which 353 were issued). X-Sets, 192 and 275 were never issued – and as yet, no copies have ever surfaced even though record numbers were assigned. Details on these two sets are sketchy. 

We've included as much useful information as possible so that collectors can use this discography as a companion for their collecting activities.

It should also be noted from the outset that the use of the 'X' and 'MX' prefix assigned to Columbia 78 rpm sets was not a common practice. U.S. Columbia only used the "X" and 'MX' prefix after CBS bought the company around 1938/1939.

For each entry, I have tried; if known; to add as much detail about that recording as possible- including composition(s), composer(s), performer(s), various record sequence numbers, matrix numbers, recording dates, international record numbers and topical excerpts from contemporary reviews.

Even though this discography features Columbia US Masterwork releases for the X series, I've endeavored to list as many international releases of each recording as possible as well. 


In many cases, the matrixes of a recording were shared between Columbia's affiliated companies in other countries. In particular, I have listed, when known, record number equivalents for the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Australia, Germany and Switzerland. 

As this version of the discography stands, it is a work in progress. Amendments and additions will be added as they come to hand. Future amendments will focus on recording dates and matrix numbers – which at present isn't complete.

This first edition lists 355 sets in numerical order for the X series only as well as a small; and incomplete; listing of 2 record issues (not contained in an album). 

If you are able to assist with details of any set in the X series, you may wish to consider joining my discography group online at:

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