Steinweiss Album Covers

A Note About Columbia Masterworks Album Covers

Included in this discography is information pertaining to the designer of an album cover, if known. 


In some cases, Columbia Records released an album with a variety of ‘covers’ over a period of time. In many cases, the standard ‘tombstone’ cover was used with an initial release (particularly before 1939) with later pressings featured a generic ‘color’ design (mostly designed by Steinweiss) or an individually designed cover by an in-house Columbia designer which was unique for that set.

When known, variations of an album cover is listed at the end of an album entry. For example, see X-187 which features three (known) cover variations.

The following matrix outlines the variations of a set with different covers. It is not a complete listing. All entries have been viewed by the author.

To understand the types of variations available, the following guide with be of assistance to collectors:

Known sets were available with the following album covers: 

  1. Generic ‘Masterworks’ Plain Cover (with different colored spines)
  2. Black (a); Green (b); Yellow (c); Brown (d); Blue/Purple (e); Red
  3. Generic ‘Masterworks’ Embossed Cover (Horizontal line masthead)
  4. Generic Royal Blue ‘Tombstone’ Cover
  5. Generic “Flower” Cover (Yellow flower)
  6. Generic Steinweiss “Columbia” Polkadot Blue Cover
  7. Generic Steinweiss “Columbia” Polkadot Black Cover
  8. Generic Steinweiss “Columbia” Polkadot Brown Cover
  9. Generic Steinweiss “Columbia” Polkadot Red Cover
  10. Generic Steinweiss “Columbia” Polkadot Orange Cover
  11. Generic Steinweiss 'Lyre Player' Green Cover
  12. Generic Steinweiss 'Lyre Player' Red Cover
  13. Generic Steinweiss 'Lyre Player' Blue Cover
  14. Generic Steinweiss 'Lyre Player' Brown Cover
  15. Generic Steinweiss 'Angel Banner' Green Cover
  16. Generic Steinweiss 'Angel Banner' Sepia Cover
  17. Generic Steinweiss 'Angel Banner' Yellow Cover
  18. Generic Steinweiss 'Baton' Blue Cover
  19. Generic Steinweiss 'Baton' Red Cover
  20. Generic Steinweiss 'Baton' Green Cover
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