Matrix Numbers

Prepared by S. Hopper

The following index features the Columbia Masterworks 78rpm M, X and OP album set matrix numbers.

This following document is part of the larger Columbia Masterworks discography written by the above author and should be used in conjunction with this document. See further details on this project at:

The following recording date format is used in this document: MM/19YY or YYYY


  • All of the following matrix prefixes relate to Columbia US Masterwork 78rpm Album set releases
  • D-S - Signifies that the last recording in a sequence was single sided
  • Only recordings released under the Masterworks banner are listed in the matrix below
  • Record numbers are listed for the standard M and X sequence only. AM, MM, MX record number are not listed unless the M and X set was not issued - ie. In the late stages of issuing 78s, Masterworks released only MM or MX versions.
  • Dates are listed as recording dates not issue dates
  • For exact recording dates and locations, please see the main part of the discography for detailed information
  • For detailed information on take numbers - please see the individual entry of each set in the main discography


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