Index of Record Numbers

Compiled April 2011 - Version 2.0

The following index features the Columbia Masterworks 78rpm album sets indexed alphanumerically according to record numbers. Set numbers as a result were not necessarily in sequence.

The Columbia Masterworks series started at record number 67000-D.

NOTE: Only complete sets are listed, hence some missing record numbers in the sequence may have been allocated to incidental music which was released on single records. These numbers are  not listed in this discography...

I have, where known, appended the Columbia LP numbers to the 78 rpm album sets in the following matrix. Early Columbia LP’s used the ML prefix. LP numbers starting in the 4000’s were 12 inch and LP numbers starting in the 2000’s were 10 inch. LP’s starting with the prefix SL usually comprised of more than 1 LP - See the OP Series for examples.

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