The Add-A-Part series ("S" series) was released by Columbia during the 1940’s and featured complete recordings of popular classical music with one instrument part missing.

Purchasers of this series who played or were learning to play an instrument were able to accompany the recorded ensemble as it played on their phonograph...

All recordings were supplied with the requisite sheet music as part of the price.

Excellent performances of trios, quartets, and quintets with the part of one instrument- piano, violin, cello, clarinet, oboe, etc.‚ omitted made this series of recordings popular with schools, music institutions, professional musicians and beginners.  

The series was discontinued due to the commencement of World War II when severe shellac shortages made it necessary to stop production. 

The recordings were recorded by the members of the Rothschild String Quartet - thus making the recordings interesting in their own right. Hence, they are listed here as part of this discography.

The "S" sets are listed on the following pages:


[Taken from: Columbia Record Catalog - 1943 Edition; Page 392]

"...Musicians, music teachers and critics everywhere are acclaiming Columbia's' Add-A-Part' Records as the greatest advance made in chamber music education in many years. These records present a new and revolutionary approach to what has been a major problem in teaching and enjoying chamber music, namely: organizing well matched ensembles so that players can learn as they play and listen. Thanks to Columbia's' Add-A-Part' Records, these difficulties no longer exist. Now, every musician, amateur or professional, can join in with a highly skilled ensemble and enjoy the art of playing the great chamber music works when and where he wishes. 

'Add-A-Part' Records mean just what they say. All parts of a chamber music composition are recorded except your instrument. You play your part to the accompaniment of the record and complete the ensemble. 

Chamber music players call it a dream come true. The players you need are always there when you need them. And so is the music. 'Add-A-Part' Records are graded into classifications of easy, medium and difficult. They present the leading chamber music works with either the violin, viola, cello, bass horn, bassoon, clarinet or piano parts missing. One glance at the 'Add-A-Part' library listed below will show you the wide variety of Masterworks available in sonata, piano trio, string trio, string quartet, piano quintet and other ensemble forms. 

By using 'Add-A-Part' Records, you not only learn your part first hand, but what is even more important, you learn your part in relation to the others, and get to understand the fuller meaning and structure the music as a whole. Each record and album set contains a complete musical score with the missing instrument part, that is, your part, written out in full. In addition, the running line of the music is shown above your part. In this way, you can, at all times, have a clear picture of the inter-play of the other parts with your own. Every playing detail of pitch and tempo is indicated on the records to make your participation easy. The record is always patient. Because you are able to play and re-play it at will, you learn as you play and listen. This is the simplest, quickest way to master the art, and enjoy the unending pleasure of playing - the world's greatest chamber music in your own home. 

Columbia 'Add-A-Part' Records are recorded under the direction the eminent musician, Fritz Rothschild, internationally known as a violin teacher and chamber music authority. After long and intensive preparation, he has developed the highly skilled quartets which play on 'Add-A-Part Records. These ensembles record with all the musicianship, finish brilliance of an actual concert performance. They bring you for the first time a new, thrilling, easy way to play the chamber music of the masters, be it Bach, Beethoven or Tchaikovsky, a sonata, quartet or quintet, is music for every taste on Columbia' Add-A-Part' Records…"

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